Current Food Truck Menu

Menu subject to change as our farmer’s have new produce and meat available for us

For Catering Inquiries, please email us. Our menu is fully customizable and is based on seasonal ingredients.

*Banh mi

Marinated pork tenderloin, cilantro, jalapeno, carrots & daikon relish, sriracha aioli, served on a baguette  



Grass fed beef, sharp cheddar, butter leaf lettuce, truffle aioli, balsamic onions, served on brioche bun. - * add bacon * add avocado

*Kids grilled cheese

Soft bread, parika, cheddar cheese

*Smashed potatoes

Smoked new potatoes, spicy greens, chili aioli, furikake

*Grilled corn salad

Leafy greens, cotija cheese, charred onions, grilled corn, marinated beans, chili vinaigrette