We’re Nick and Wes,

Welcome to the family.

Nicholas Bell, Co-Owner

     Nick Bell has worked in the food and service industry for a total of nine years and has worked in a variety of restaurants. In 2012 Nick attended Le Cordon Blue and then finished his culinary degree at Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. At these schools he learned classic French cooking techniques, and the base knowledge of French cuisine. He’s held a management position in different capacities for six years and one of his strongest skill sets is managing a team and training cooks on how to efficiently work a line during a busy service.


     In 2014, Nick helped start a breakfast, bread, and coffee company called Silver Stallion Coffee and Bread in Gallup NM, where he designed, prepped, and served a brunch, breakfast, and sandwich menu. The next chapter of Nick’s career led him back to Portland Oregon, where he accepted a line position at Ned Ludd under chef Jason French. In this position he trained new line cooks and took part in menu development. In 2017 he accepted a position at Ruddick/Wood, under chef Paul Losch as a sous chef wherein he managed a large team, as well as ordered from local/regional purveyors, managed inventory, oversaw menu development, catering, large animal butchery, and much line/prep training.


     Nick has a strong understanding of how to utilize local and seasonal ingredients in the Pacific Northwest and has developed a strong love for live fire cooking which we hope to utilize through Renegade Kitchen. He has maintained many strong connections with local food purveyors in the Willamette valley and they will be his preferred source of food. In the culinary world there is never a ceiling for knowledge, but he is confident that he has the experience and drive to make Renegade Catering a success


Wesley Jones, Co-Owner

     Wesley is currently the owner of Tour Cascadia LLC, a wine and adventure tourism company. Tour Cascadia has grown from being run solely by Wesley to employing three people through the tour season and turned a profit by Q2 of the first fiscal year. The company is currently in the process of doubling its workforce in fiscal year two. The company has exceeded his expectations, and Wesley credits the number of word of mouth referrals for the unforeseen growth.


    Wesley has a degree in business management and was the Student Body President of George Fox University in 2012/2013. His area of expertise is personnel management and is an expert networker. The majority of his work history has been in food, drink and hospitality. He has a combined eight years of barista experience, and three of those years were spent in a position of management. While completing his time at George Fox University, he accepted a valet position and moved into a front desk, guest services role at The Allison Inn and Spa. That experience was the introduction to the attention to detail and hospitality that he would base, and exceed, his treatment of guests in all business spaces.


    Wesley has a deep belief that the treatment of employees and community are the most important way a person can effect change. The combination of transitioning from low man on the ladder, in the hospitality world, to owning a thriving company has given him the perspective and experience needed to provide the highest of customer service, as well as creating a working environment that is empowering and focused on meeting the needs of those that come alongside us to make this dream a reality.